Ikea Price Adjustment Policy

Ikea Price Adjustment Policy



Does Ikea Have A Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes! Also known as Price Protection or Price Guarantee, Ikea does provide customers the ability to get money back on their purchases when items they have purchased drop in price or go on sale. Customers are eligible for a refund for the difference in price. Ikea Price Adjustment is a great way to save money on your past purchases!

Ikea Price Adjustment Policy Details

If you have purchased a product within the last 45 days and it is now reduced in price, you can claim your Ikea price adjustment either in-store or online depending on where you made the purchase.

Ikea Family Price Protection

The price adjustment time frame is extended to 90-days for Ikea Family Members. Also note, this requires that the purchase was made using your Ikea Family card.

Ikea Price Adjustment will not be accepted on the following:

  • Used/Washed bedding (All bed linens, duvets, pillows and pillow-tops)
  • Any mattress or stuffed/ upholstered product without a law label
  • Cut fabrics
  • Custom countertops
  • Any product that has been modified/altered/washed
  • As-is products

Note: Price guarantees are only offered on products, not services.

How To Get Your Ikea Price Adjustment

  • Online purchases can be adjusted in-store, by phone or by contacting them using their email form found here
  • In-store purchases can be price adjusted in-store. Walk-in to your Ikea location and request the price adjustment there. You will be required to present original receipt.

How Will I Know If I Can Get An Ikea Price Adjustment?

PriceAdjust automatically tracks your purchases and when you’re owed money back, we’ll help you get it. You could have free money sitting in your inbox right now! Sign-up with your email and PriceAdjust handles everything else.