Urban Outfitters Canada

Price Adjustment Policy for Urban Outfitters Canada

Price Adjustment Policy Details

Price Adjustments are available if you have purchased an item in the last 14 days and it is now reduced in price. For online purchases, you can get your money back by calling Customer Service or by using Urban Outfitters email contact form. For in-store purchases you must visit the nearest Urban Outfitters store.

Price Adjustment Quick Facts
Price Adjustment Period14 days
Where can you get your price adjustment?In-store
How To Get Your Price Adjustment
  • If you made your purchase online, submit your price adjustment request here or call 1-800-282-2200
  • If you made your purchase in-store, visit your nearest Urban Outfitters location and request the price adjustment there.
  • Urban Outfitters issues a one-time price adjustment on your purchase which will be refunded to your original form of payment


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